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Laura 4 years ago
God this turns me on so much. I would gobble up all the juices. It looks so yummy <3
BBB 7 years ago
If there was a restaurant like this, I'd get so fucking fat.
Linda 11 years ago
Sperm is ok but mixed with pussy juice or/and breast milk is fantastic on a salad:)
WTF 2 years ago
Anyone Want To Eat My Cum
Oh fuck that's good 11 years ago
Fuck I've had like pussy juice with pee and sperm so fucking good
Mr.47 8 years ago
this gives the word cum-hungry a new meaning ...
3 years ago
I like cumming on cookies & eating them. Get the salty with the sweet.
Tilika 8 years ago
I'm a shemale and I like cum on my body and food too. I can suck my own cock and my cum is so hot and sticky and tastes wonderful.
i saw things in life but : 11 years ago
itzel tapia 10 years ago
me encanta hacer ke mis amigos aderesen mi comida con su esperma, le cambia el sabor al ke mas me gusta y es mi vicio, el delisioso sabor del semen